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The proceedings series Theoretical and Natural Science (TNS) is an international peer-reviewed open access series which publishes conference proceedings from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives concerning theoretical studies and natural science issues. The series publishes articles that are research-oriented and welcomes theoretical articles concerning micro and macro-scale phenomena. Proceedings that are suitable for publication in the TNS cover domains on various perspectives of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, agricultural science, and medical science. The series aims to provide a high-level platform where academic achievements of great importance can be disseminated and shared.

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December 21, 2022

Theoretical and Natural Science - Gender and Diversity pledge

We pledge to our series community:

  • We're committed: we put diversity and inclusion at the heart of our activities
  • We champion change: we're working to increase the percentage of women, early career ...

December 6, 2021

Theoretical and Natural Science - Disclaimer

  • The statements, opinions and data contained in the series Theoretical and Natural Science (TNS) are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of the publisher and the editor(s). Theoretical and Natural Science stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and ...
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  • February 22, 2023, Good News! Welcome Dr. Marwan Omar from Illinois Institute of Technology to give a speech at CONF-CIAP 2023!
  • February 21, 2023, Good News! Welcome Dr. Roman Bauer from University of Surrey to give a speech at CONF-CIAP 2023!
  • February 21, 2023, Good News! Welcome Dr. Achintya Haldar from University of Arizona to give a speech at CONF-CIAP 2023!
  • February 14, 2023, Good News! Welcome Dr. Alvina Haseeb from Auckland University to give a speech at ICMMGH 2023!
  • February 13, 2023, Good News! Welcome Dr. Alan Wang from Auckland University to give a speech at ICBioMed 2023!
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    This paper aims to systematically explore the development history, current situation, and future trends of artificial satellites, and to comprehensively analyze the important role of artificial satellites in national science and technology, national defense, and economic construction. Firstly, the paper outlines the extensive applications of artificial satellites as an important component of modern aerospace technology in fields such as communication, navigation, meteorology, and earth observation, as well as their significant importance for national security and economic development. Secondly, this paper adopts the research methods of literature review and case analysis to systematically study the latest progress and achievements in artificial satellite technology in various countries around the world and deeply analyzes the key technological breakthroughs and current development status of China in remote sensing, navigation, communication and other fields. Finally, through an in-depth analysis of the development trends and challenges faced by artificial satellite technology, combined with the current development status of China’s aerospace industry, strategies and suggestions for the future development of artificial satellite technology in China are proposed. This study can provide theoretical support for the research and application of artificial satellite technology in China, and help promote the sustained and healthy development of China’s aerospace industry.

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    Quantum entanglement is a peculiar phenomenon in quantum information science, characterized by nonclassical correlations between quantum states of subsystems in a quantum system. Since the proposal of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) paradox by Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen, quantum entanglement has sparked intense debates on local realism. Bell’s inequality experiment established the nonlocality of quantum mechanics. Currently, high-dimensional quantum entanglement of both deterministic and random states can be realized in systems such as photons and cold atoms. Technologies such as quantum teleportation, quantum teleportation, quantum computing, and others rely on quantum entanglement to achieve effects beyond classical limitations. Current research focuses on the implementation of macroscopic quantum entanglement and its significance in fundamental problems of quantum mechanics. Quantum entanglement opens up a new paradigm for information processing with broad application prospects. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research on the nature of quantum entanglement and its advantages in information processing. This paper reviews the theoretical foundations of quantum entanglement, methods of generation and detection, and research progress in its applications in the field of quantum information. It discusses the important applications of quantum entanglement in quantum communication, computing, and sensing and provides an outlook on the future development prospects of quantum entanglement technologies.

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    Although previous studies have given a better prediction model for the American’s unemployment rate, due to the short time and different time nodes, the parameters of the model and the seasonality and the stability of the time series are also different. In this study, the ARIMA model, which is the most widely used in the time series, is adopted and the seasonal influence is added to the model according to the selected time period. At the same time, two models are used to predict the unemployment rate in the United States from January 2017 to January 2019. The stability of the model was determined by Dickey-Fuller test, and the fitting and prediction effects of the two models were compared by comparing the values of AIC and MSE. With the fitting prediction method of the unemployment rate in the United States, this paper can analyze and predict the unemployment rate in other Western countries, and can further compare and analyze the reasons with China ‘s unemployment rate, which is convenient for us to better regulate macroeconomic policies.

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    This research delves into the analysis of quasi-two-dimensional flow dynamics in liquid metal confined within a sudden expansion duct, subjected to a strong magnetic field. Utilizing numerical simulations derived from the SM82 model, the study concentrates on examining the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) responses across a defined range of parameters. These simulations were conducted maintaining a constant Reynolds number (Re), while systematically varying the Hartmann number (Ha) across a spectrum of values [1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000] to enable a thorough exploration of the magnetic field’s influence on the flow dynamics. The outcomes of this study reveal a marked transition in flow behavior corresponding with the escalation in magnetic field strength. Notably, as the magnetic field intensifies, the flow undergoes a transformation from a state of instability to stability. This shift is predominantly characterized by a diminution, followed by a complete cessation, of shear vortex shedding. Additionally, beyond a Ha of 5000 and at a longitudinal position of x = 6, both the velocity and pressure profiles begin to exhibit near-identical and symmetric characteristics. Post the Ha exceeding 1000, the vortex profile demonstrates symmetry about the y=0 axis. These observations significantly enhance the comprehension of MHD fluid dynamics under quasi-two-dimensional conditions.

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